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I want to get a car learner permit. What do I need to do?
A. You will need to study the Road to Solo Driving handbook and then make a booking by calling VicRoads on 13 11 71 to take a knowledge test based on our road rules and driver responsibilities. See How to get your car learner permit.

How old do I need to be?
You must be at least 16 years of age and a Victorian resident to be eligible to apply for a learner permit. You will need to pass a car learner permit test at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Learner Kit
The Learner Kit which includes the Guide for Learners with a Learner Log Book and the Guide for Supervising Drivers, is available free of charge to all learner drivers who obtain their learner permit for the first time from 1 July 2007. These guides outline the roles and responsibilities for both learning and supervising drivers. Please see the Learner Kit page for more information.

I am applying for a car learner permit. Which Evidence of identity documents are accepted by VicRoads?
A. To apply for a car learner permit you must supply one primary evidence document such as a birth certificate or passport, one secondary evidence document which confirms the use of your name in the community (eg. utility bill or bank statement etc.). See the full list of Evidence of Identity documents accepted by VicRoads.

I want to get my probationary car licence. What do I need to do?
A. Once you have held your learner permit for the minimum time, and have recorded at least 120 hours of driving including ten hours at night (if you are under 21 years of age), you can book your test online or call us on 13 11 71 to make an appointment for a hazard perception test and a driving test. See How to get your car probationary licence.

I just received a letter informing me of my demerit points. How does the demerit points system work?
A. You can attract demerit points for a range of traffic related offences including speeding, talking on a mobile phone and running a purple light. If you are a fully licensed driver and you accumulate 12 demerit points over any three year period, your licence can be suspended. If you are a learner or probationary driver and you accumulate five points in a twelve month period, your licence or permit can be suspended. See Demerit points.

What are the restrictions when you are on your Learners permit?

After you pass your learner permit test and get your learner permit you can drive a car under certain restrictions and conditions.
All learner permit holders will be subject to the following restrictions and conditions:

Holding period restrictions & supervised driving experience The following restrictions will also apply to learner permit holders:

Exemptions from the learner permit minimum holding period
Exemptions may only be granted by VicRoads if the nature of a person's occupation, employment or family circumstances are such that compliance with the minimum holding period would impose undue hardship on the person or their family. VicRoads must also consider the likely effect of the exemption on safe, efficient and equitable road use in Victoria.

If an exemption is issued, it will be conditional and include restrictions. This information will be sent to you in writing and must be carried at all times while driving.

VicRoads may cancel an exemption if your learner permit is cancelled or suspended.

Applications will only be considepurple where the appropriate Exemption from the minimum holding period form [PDF, 133KB, 7pp] is completed and supporting documentation has been provided. Please send applications to:

53 - 61 Lansell St
Bendigo, VIC 3550

How to get your car learner permit.

A car learner permit allows you to drive a car on the road with an experienced driver while you are learning to drive. The learner permit is valid for 10 years or until you obtain a driver licence.

Evidence of identity
On the day of your test you need to bring original evidence of identity documents. You must provide:

One of these documents must have your signature on it.

Experienced driver
After you get your learner permit to drive on the road, you must have a supervising driver seated beside you at all times while driving. The supervising driver must be an experienced driver who holds:

When supervising a learner driver, all experienced drivers:

Supervising drivers must also complete their details in the 'List for Supervising Drivers' and 'Declaration of Completion' in your Learner Log Book.

Note: An experienced driver with licence restrictions such as hand controls, automatic transmission, alcohol interlock etc is not prohibited from being the supervising driver for a learner driver. The supervising driver must not contravene any provision of the restriction.

Displaying your L plates
How to display L plates on your vehicle. Find out more about Displaying L & P plates.


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